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X-War: Clash of Zombies (also known as COZ1) is the world-wide popular mobile strategy video game. It was built by Caesars Studio. You can download this game from Google Play Store in Android Phone. If you are new in the Clash of Zombies1, then you can get plenty of crystals by playing games. Apart from this, you can also get a huge amount of crystal by using coz1 gift code 2021. 
Clash Of Zombie Gift Codes

A very new player can also use this coz1 promo code (223945764) and can get 100 crystals, Gun Zombie Hero and resources package. In this article, you will find valid and the latest list of Coz1 gift codes . First of all, lets know about gift code and its uses.

What are gift codes and their uses?

Caesars bought a gift code update in 2020 for the first time. The gift codes are the unique token which can be used to get plenty of rewards. The rewards may be crystals, legendary heroes’ fragments, speed cards and resources package. 

How to use the gift codes?

  • Login to the Clash of Zombies.
  • Click on the cube with a Facebook icon which is available in right side. 
  • Click on Gift Code button. 
  • Add unique gift codes for coz1 and click on redeem.

List of COZ1 gift code (s)  2021 for Clash of Zombies.

There are many gift codes, but most of them are expired and very few are valid till the date. The valid codes with their respective rewards are given below. If furthermore gift codes are available in the upcoming days, we will update quickly. So, stick with us. 

Latest Gift Codes:

  • HBKU5322

Other Gift Codes:
  • COZ1
  • COZ888
  • Kingisback
  • Christmas2020
  • 2020ByeBye
  • Happy2021
  • FENC2546
  • KYQZ4879
  • RGMG1687
  • TZQQ2177
  • PEOR5785
  • FWSX6815
  • UWVK2317
  • VBUM6635
  • SZFJ4248

Table: Gift Codes and Rewards

Codes Crystals Others
COZ1 1000 -
COZ888 500 -
KINGISBACK 1000 40 Thanos Frag.
CHRISTMAS2020 1000 -
2020ByeBye 500 -
Happy2021 500 -
FENC2546 200 -
KYQZ4879 200 -
RGMG1687 200 -
TZQQ2177 200 -
PEOR5785 200 -
FWSX6815 200 -
UWVK2317 200 -
VBUM6635 500 1000 Power Stones
SZFJ4248 500 -
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Coz1 promo codes

What is coz1 promo code?

In Clash of zombies, promotional code is an invitational code. You can use that code to refer your friends and relatives. If your friends use your code, then you will get some commissions on every top-up he/she has made. You will also get a huge amount of crystals, power stones, hero fragments and food resources. This is actually a good source of getting free crystals for every clasher. 

How to use promo code?

  • Login to your COZ account. 
  • Click on the Facebook icon in the right side of the main interface. 
  • Click on newbie rewards.
  • Use Promo code. 
One promo code is 223945764. You can use it to receive 100 crystals, 800 fragments of Gun Zombie, five minute speed cards, tank of energy and food bags.

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