Check IPO Results Nepal (Initial Public Offering)

How To Check Ipo Result

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. First, you need to apply for an IPO and you may get alloted after the fair lucky draw was concluded. You can check IPO results Nepal from either Mero Share or Particular Financial Capital. If you are allotted or not you can check the result by the following process. 

Step 1:  Go to Allotment Result Form page from the below links. Go to Check Result.

Step 2: Select the company, whose result you want to check.

Step 3: Enter your 16 digits BOID (Demat Number).

Step 4: Click on view result. 
NOTE: Sometime due to the huge traffic, allotment result page will not load. At that time, you need to be patient and recheck the page later.

Check IPO Results Here
Links Result
Link 1 Check Results
Link 2 Check Results

How to Apply for IPO in US

If  are new to share market and don't know how to apply for IPO in US then you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to your Mero Share account either from Mobile Apps or Web Browser. You will get mero share account's Username and Password when you submit the Mero Share Account opening form at Banks or Broker's Office. 

Step 2: Click on My ASBA option on the dashboard.

Step 3: You will see the listed companies at Apply for Issue section. Click on Apply.
Check IPO Results Nepal (Initial Public Offering)

Step 4: Select Bank Details, if not selected automatically.
Step 5: Select the number of units (Kittas) you want to apply.

Step 6: Enter your CRN number (C-ASBA Registration Number) in the required field.

Step 7: Tick the agreement and click on proceed.

Step 8: Enter your 4 digits PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Step 9: Click on apply.

NOTE: After some days, the result will get published. You can check the results as mentioned above on How To Check Ipo Result. If you are lucky and alloted then you will become the shareholder of that company. If you are not, then your amount will be refunded. 

How To Make Online Broker Accounts In Nepal?

You need the broker account to buy and sell stocks in the secondary market. They are the intermediate companies between the buyers and the sellers. They will transfer the shares and monies between the sellers and buyers.  There are total 59 registered broker companies in Nepal. They have several branches and sub-branches in some cities as well.

If you want to find the Broker Office near you, Check Here

If you want to open the Broker Account you can simply visit the Broker office, and submit the account opening form in the office. Now many brokers bought a facility to open the online account from home. First be sure which brokers have the facility to open an online account. If available then visit their respective TMS site (Trading Management System) from the browser and submit your KYC (Know Your Costumer) form. After complete verification from the staff, your account will be activated. Your username and password will be sent in your E-mail ID.